Why Thrive?

Honest IT, better business. When you THRIVE, WE THRIVE.


Let’s take a minute and think about the IT that keeps your business running. IT is the backbone of the business – without computers, data, and Internet, your business would come to a screeching halt.

You’re worried about your IT.
IT is a hassle and a headache. Sometimes it’s a huge problem. Is your or your client’s information secure? Is your data backed up properly? How many billable hours are you losing because of downtime?

You just need a fix but not sure where to start.
Technology can be complicated and expensive, but the do-it-yourself approach is just not working.

You want your business to thrive.
You know better IT could support new opportunities, possibilities, growth – and revenue. 

When we come into your business, we’re likely to find that:

Your systems are slower than they should be

You’re running unlicensed software

You’re using the wrong or expired antivirus software

Hackers have already broken in

Your hardware is about to stop working – permanently

Your backups aren’t working

Your data is held hostage by ransomeware


Your IT needs attention. That’s true for 99% of small businesses. If you took a hard look right now, you’d find your IT is:


It’s slow, tasks are too complicated, your systems go down – so you’re losing time.


It’s getting old, your data might not be safe, and hackers could get in – so you’ve got worries.

Won't Grow

If your business continues to grow, your IT couldn’t handle it.


A necessary but unplanned upgrade or fix could cost thousands of dollars.

Phew. IT can be a big pain in the rear end – and wouldn’t you prefer to spend your focus and energy on your business?

The Happy Dance

We have good news! Thrive Technology Partners lives to make your IT hassle-free through a proactive approach – we anticipate your issues, and fix them – before you even notice.

We can shift IT Worries to IT Confidence – by managing your technology so it just works, today and in the future.

We’re smart, honest, experienced and we have All-in-one Package Pricing so you can have the confidence for whatever mood your IT is in.

Go ahead. Stop and do your happy dance. We’ll wait.

``We have used Mr. Kelly's services for over 3 years. I have found him to be knowledgable, reliable and dependable.`` MARIE GANGI, Office Manager, Scott L, Sherman & Associates, P.C.

What You Get


We make IT spending predictable.


Here’s what we promise to do:

  1. We’ll make your IT PREDICTABLE – so it will work as it should without hidden costs.
  2. We’ll PROTECT your IT – so it’s safe and secure.
  3. We’ll be PROACTIVE – so your IT will keep working as it  should for years to come.
  4. We’ll be your PARTNER – so you can plan for business  growth without compromise.

Relationships start with getting to know each other.

We offer a free one-hour consultation for you to get to know us better. 

Contact us today for your free consultation.

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